Questions you should be asking your mechanic

When getting your car serviced, it’s easy to get caught up on the issue at-hand and forget some bigger picture questions you wanted to ask. To make the most of your next service appointment, take a look at some questions you should always ask you mechanic.

Will I be charged for the diagnosis of the problem? Running tests to diagnose your car’s issues isn’t always free. Make sure you’re aware of any charges before you drop off your vehicle.

Can I get a written estimate of the work? This will give you documentation of the work agreed upon and the initial estimate in case there is a dispute about the bill later.

Is there a warranty on the parts I’m purchasing? If you need a new part installed in your vehicle, always make sure to ask if it is under warranty. If there is a warranty, make sure to get the proper documents guaranteeing that warranty in case you need to reference it later.

What other options are available for the repair? It never hurts to ask if there is a cheaper alternative to the work the mechanic is recommending. Ask if it’s possible to get a used part, or a cheaper part instead of the one the mechanic is recommending.

Are there any other issues with my vehicle I should be aware of? Even if an issue with your car doesn’t need immediate attention, it’s good to know what possible future expenses you should start preparing for. This will also alert you to any potential problems you should be looking out for when driving, and when to know to bring it in for service.