Puppy lover scammed out of $2,000

Woman finds dog deal is scam

A Madison woman hoping to buy a Pomeranian puppy was scammed out of $2,000, according to a release from Madison police.

The 32-year-old told police Tuesday she had been communicating via text message with an out-of-state breeder named Albert who sent her photos and information about a puppy she wanted to buy.

The north side woman said she sent the man a money order for $650, and another man named Anthony Saunders contacted her about flight insurance and an airline ticket for the dog. She said she sent him $1,435. She showed police documentation of her transaction with a company named City Xpress Pet Carrier Delivery Services.

Police said they can’t find any evidence that the company exists.

The woman has also been asked for another $1,000 to pay for insurance when police told her the deal was a scam.