Pumphouse holds 24-hour challenge

Local writers and directors put on a performance at the Pumphouse Saturday that they had prepared for all night long.

More than 20 area performers teamed up and took part in the 24-hour challenge. The teams had only one day to create, practice and perform a 10-minute scene. They were also armed with just one prop. 

Participants say it’s a great way to show off the talent we have here, in the Coulee Region.

“We really have a great slew of talent to pull from,” said Jonathon Lamb, founder of Behling and Company, who helped put on the competition. “Not only am I talking about actors, but writers as well. What a challenge for writers to do. Everyone has the same starting sentence, but all three scenes are completely different. ”               

The teams performed their scenes tonight at the Pump House, where the crowd decided who won.