PulsePoint App can help people in La Crosse area

Tri-State Ambulance hopes app helps save lives

Tri-State Ambulance is encouraging the public to use a mobile app called, PulsePoint. It alerts people that someone nearby is in need of CPR.

According to Tri-State Ambulance, cardiac arrest accounts for 1,000 deaths every day outside of the hospital in the U.S. Emergency responders hope the app will reduce that number locally.

Tri-State Ambulance Medical Director Chris Eberlein said for every minute a person in need goes without receiving CPR, their chances of living decrease by 10-percent.

Eberlein said nowhere in the county do they have a response time of more than 10 minutes, but having someone there right away can help save someone’s life.

“Those first few minutes are really crucial in getting good CPR and early defibulation and we’re just trying to bridge that 2-4 minute gap before our first responders and paramedics get there,” Eberlein said.

The app shows a person how to perform CPR and use an AED. It will only show people in public places, not at a private residence. There is also a section where you can download the PulsePoint AED App, which shows you where the nearest AED is located.

The PulsePoint app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices. . Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance with funding from Gundersen Foundation made the app possible in the La Crosse area, according to the agency’s profile on the app.

More info on the PulsePoint App.

On Monday, Tri-State Ambulance Executive Director Tom Tornstrum said more than 250 people have downloaded the app since the launch for a total of 380 users.