Public weighs in on the future of Myrick Park duck house and pond

Local residents are weighing in on the future of what’s known as the Myrick Park’s duck house and pond.

Mistakenly, we reported Wednesday that the city is looking to tear down the structure.  In actuality that’s just one of the options on the table. Other options include restoring the duck house to its original condition.      

Members of the La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department met with the Heritage Preservation Commission, and concerned residents Thursday to talk about ways to preserve what some say is a La Crosse landmark.

“The structure itself was built by a World War I veterans. It has very significant and special rock that is used to build it. It’s not just some rock that you can go and pick up off the bluffs,”  said Jay Odegaard Superintendent of the Parks and Rec Department.

The meeting was a first step and no decision was made on what do next with the duck house.