Public Library holds mock election for kids

Event helps kids learn about election process

The La Crosse Public Library is holding a mock election to select a new ‘President of the Children’s Room.’

The election began three weeks ago with a primary between six book character candidates. The candidates are the children’s book characters Piggie and Thea Stilton, with the option to write in a different candidate.

Organizers say the event is designed to help parents talk to their kids about the election process.

“Instead of making it where the election is a one day event, we really show that there’s a lot that leads up to electing a president. you have to research your candidates, you have a primary where you should be voting, and you’re really trying to figure out who’s the best person for the job,” said la Crosse Public Library Youth Services Librarian Dana Johnson.

The mock voting booths are open through next Tuesday’s election day.