Psychologist says La Crosse man not competent to stand trial

A doctor says the La Crosse man shot after attacking police officers during a traffic stop is not competent to stand trial.

37-year-old Daniel Lexvold faces more than a dozen charges after he was caught on dashcam video charging at officers with a logging chain.

He was eventually shot after multiple forms of less-lethal force were unable to subdue him. District attorney Tim Gruenke determined earlier this month that the officers were acting in self defense when they shot Lexvold.

During a competency hearing on Tuesday, a psychologist determined Lexvold was not fit to proceed with his case. However, a judge still has to agree before Lexvold is officially ruled incompetent for trial.

According to Gruenke, if the judge agrees Lexvold is currently unfit but is still likely to regain competency, the case would resume after he receives treatment.