Protesters call for Mayor Kabat to address racial justice, systemic racism

Kabat said he would have an answer to a list of questions from protesters later this week

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT)– Protests continued near La Crosse’s City Hall with residents calling on the mayor for action Sunday night.

About 75 people held back traffic at the intersection of La Crosse St. and 4th St. N. The group asked to speak with Mayor Tim Kabat, otherwise they would continue to block traffic.

mayor kabat at protest

Mayor Tim Kabat speaking with protesters. Courtesy of Rachel Ausman.

The group has five questions they want the mayor to answer:

1. How will you use your office to work with the community and create the change and justice you say you support?

2. How will you ensure transparency in the planning process and how will community members be invited to take part?

3. What is your plan to address systemic racism in our community?

4. How will you continue to protect La Crosse residents’ right to protest?

5. How will you increase transparency surrounding the trainings LCPD go through?

In response, Mayor Kabat went to the intersection and said he is working closely with the police department. He said he will have an answer to the list of questions later this week.

The crowd dispersed from the area around 10 p.m.