‘Progresstival’ brings groups together for social activism

Local residents had the chance to get involved in the community Saturday, connecting and working with others on environmental, social justice and community rights issues. The Concordia Ballroom in La Crosse hosted “Progresstival” which offered networking opportunities and workshops.

More than two dozen regional, state and national groups came together at the event Saturday. This year’s theme was “fostering an ecosystem of activism.”

The festival was free to attend although donations were accepted to help pay for the event.

Attendees say the issues discussed today are not partisan issues.

“It’s very nonpartisan, the community rights movement. We should have the right to say, ‘Our water needs to be safe. Our air needs to be safe. Our food needs to be safe. We need a livable climate.’ Those should be rights our rights as the sovereign people and those are not left verses right issues,” keynote speaker Paul Cienfuegos said.