Presidential debate: What La Crosse voters are watching for

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — With a track record of voting independently, many people in our area are planning to tune in to the debate tonight.  It’s no surprise La Crosse voters could swing either way this election, and tonight some will be turning their televisions on to watch the debate.

“It’s possible that this debate could actually have some what of a persuasive effect. Where people who are legitimately on the fence or people who legitimately open to voting for either candidate could be swayed in either direction,” said Anthony Chergosky, a political analyst.

Like any debate, topics for the candidates to speak on have been laid out.

“Of those seven, I thought three were particularly interesting to people in the La Crosse area,” said Joe Heim, a political analyst.

Heim says those three are economy, healthcare and the violence in Kenosha.

“Economy is huge for me, especially in these uncertain times,” said James Wallace, a registered voter.

Chergosky said he thinks La Crosse residents will be interested in hearing what the candidates have to say about COVID-19.

“You just have to look at the COVID numbers in La Crosse to see why that might have particular relevance for this region,” said Chergosky.

“The second biggest topic right now is healthcare. I’m at an age where healthcare is kind of a big deal,” said Wallace.

Wallace said along with policy, he’s looking for integrity.

“The person, and kind of their character, how they carry themselves, how they react,” said Wallace.

And in order to see that, Heim sayidcandidates will have to be direct in their answers.

“Straightforward answers, that’s for starters! I hope they don’t try to dance around,” said Heim.

When it comes to this swing state, our voters could be pivotal in clinching a win.

“This region carries considerable importance,” said Chergosky.