Pregnant women are at higher risk of severe COVID-19, CDC Says

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The CDC has added pregnant women to the list of ‘high risk’ patients when it comes to severe illness when contracting COVID-19…
The study that prompted this change found.. there was a higher risk of hospitalization and admission into the ICU for women who were pregnant vs those who were not.

“Now the data didn’t differentiate whether those hospitalizations were due to COVID-19 or whether it was due to the pregnancy itself, but it is significant in itself to know that there is that greater risk for hospitalizations,” said Megan Meller, infection preventionist at Gundersen Health System.

“Right away when this started I already considered myself high risk because when you’re pregnant you are already immunocompromised,” said Audra Keeney.

Keeney is expecting to deliver her twelfth child next week. This pregnancy has looked a lot different than the ones before.

“I’m constantly aware of not touching everything… I noticed when the pandemic started, I’m a toucher! And I didn’t know that I touched everything before!” said Keeney.

She, and other moms have been following other CDC guidelines throughout their pregnancies.

“I try to minimize the amount of times I go out,” said Keeney.

“I wear a mask and I don’t usually go places, just work and doctor’s appointments and that’s it,” said Mercadies Lemoine, another expecting mother.

But, even with safety precautions, some moms are still wary.

“It kind of scares me because I work in retail… so I come in contact with a lot of people,” said Lemoine.

And Meller said their feelings are validated.

“You’re growing another human within you, your body is working overtime. So this may be one of the reasons why we’re seeing that they’re more at risk for hospitalizations,” said Meller.

Meller said that once the baby is born, moms may be craving social interaction and introducing the baby to friends and family after such an emotionally taxing time.  She suggests forming a ‘quarin-team’ of people you can trust that will limit their social interactions with others so they can specifically spend time with the mom and baby.