Prairie du Chien primary voting will be drive-thru

Voters won't get fries with that
Wisconsin special election for Congress will be May 12

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. (WKBT) – The April 7 election in Prairie du Chien will be a “drive-thru” event at Hoffman Hall to minimize the potential of spreading the COVID-19 virus among election officials and the public.
Vehicles will enter the Hoffman Hall parking lot via the south entrance, where voters will be directed to one of two lanes — one for wards 1-3 or the other for wards 4-6. They will be offered hand sanitizer before voting.
Voters who don’t know their wards can check for them at the Wisconsin voting website  under “Where Do I Vote?” Election officials also will be staffed at the entrance for assistance.
Registration officials will approach cars before they ready the drive-thru tent. Voters should open a window wide enough to pass a clipboard back and forth. Those who already are registered will be directed to proceed in line.
Those who are unregistered will be asked a series of questions, hold a proof of residence document up to the window, accept a pen and clipboard through the crack in the window to sign the registration form and return the clipboard, registration form and pen to the registration official.
Election inspectors will guide voters through the tent. Voters will exit the lot on the north.