Potential winter storm could impact La Crosse area next week

StormTeam 8 Meteorologists are keeping a close eye on the track of the storm

We are still keeping a close eye on next Tuesday and Wednesday for the possibility of a significant winter storm.

The latest data shows the storm moving from the Southern plains toward northern Michigan Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s too early to determine what snowfall totals will be, but this is a favorable track for heavy snow to fall across much of the News 8 viewing area.

In addition to snow, this system could produce very strong winds, which could lead to blowing and drifting snow.

There are still many uncertainties with this system. First, while the models are quite consistent about the storm developing, there are still differences in the overall track and timing. Some models keep the track of the storm a bit farther south and east. a farther south and east track could lead to less snow for the La Crosse area.

Another model has the system moving slightly north and west. This could allow warmer air to flow into the area, meaning less snow for La Crosse and more of wintry mix, especially as the storm moves in. Some models have the storm arriving several hours sooner than other models.

In addition to track and timing issues, some models keep the storm a bit weaker. This could mean lower snow totals as well.

Yet another factor is the amount of moisture available for snow production. Should this system become strong, it could produce a lot of thunderstorms over the central and southern United States. This could end up robbing the system of the deep moisture it needs for snow production. As a result, the models could be overdoing how much snow falls.

As you can see, there are many variables that need to be sorted out. The storm is still way up by the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. It will come ashore near California late this weekend. Once it comes ashore, it will get into a dense network of observing stations. This is when we’ll really start to see the forecast come together.

So no need to get concerned yet. Just be sure to check later forecasts for any changes. As always, the StormTeam will keep an eye on things for you.

You can get the latest forecast anytime on the News8000.com weather page.