Possible Super Bowl commercial being filmed in downtown Winona

People were buzzing about a possible Super Bowl commercial being shot in downtown Winona Tuesday.

Winona’s Erbert and Gerbert’s posted on its Facebook page Monday saying that a Super Bowl commercial was being filmed in the area.

Winona arts and culture coordinator Lee Gundersheimer says the commercial is being shot for Squarespace, a software company that allows people to build websites.

Squarespace advertised in the last five Super Bowls.

Locals say they started seeing ‘no parking’ signs all over the downtown area last night.

One local says seeing all of the cars and crew convinced her to think the commercial was a big deal.

“Whatever they’re doing, they were pretty good at keeping it secret until they were ready to do it, Farmers Insurance customer service representative Heather Torkelson said. “But now, with all the vehicles out there and all the commotion, it looks like a commercial’s happening.”

Devon Collins, a Winona State student, says she got a text message last night from a friend asking if she wanted to be an extra in a Super Bowl commercial.

She says she got an email with a date, time and where the commercial would be filmed at.

Collins mentioned she has a background in theatre.

She says she would not believe it if she had a role in the commercial.

“Oh, that would be so awesome,” Collins said. “Like being like ‘hey, there’s a split second of me in that commercial.’ That’s gonna be great.”

Gundersheimer says he cannot confirm if Winona Ryder had a role in the advertisement.

Many ‘no parking’ signs were posted around Third and Fourth streets, as well as Main, Center and Lafayette streets in downtown Winona.