Poll: Majority of Wisconsinites surveyed support police body cams

94 percent of Wisconsin residents are in favor of requiring law enforcement officials to wear a body camera, according to a new poll. That’s the highest amount of people in four years, according to a recent poll by the state’s largest law enforcement group.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association commissioned the survey of 400 residents between February and March. The randomized survey was conducted by the St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute.

56 percent of respondents believed most people shot by law enforcement in Wisconsin are black or a minority, though the statistics don’t agree.

“The reality is that in just 2017, 57 percent of the individuals shot by law enforcement officers were white. And in 2016, that number jumped to 70 percent,” said Jim Palmer, executive director of the WPAA.

The survey found more white compared to non-white respondents feel the use of deadly force is always or most of the time ‘necessary and justified’ throughout the years.