Political analyst explains why large contributions to local nonpartisan campaigns is unusual

Two of the six candidates for the La Crosse school board file campaign finance reports

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Two of the six candidates for the La Crosse school board race topped $2,000 in campaign contributions, requiring them to fill out campaign finance reports to show where the money is coming from.

Assistant Police Chief Rob Abraham received a significant amount of money from two outside GOP political groups.

According to Abraham’s campaign finance report, he received $1,200 from the La Crosse County Republican Party.

He received another $1,000 from Rebecca PAC.

Candidate Annie Baumann made a personal contribution to her campaign for more than $2,700.

The rest came from individual contributions for a total of nearly $3,900.

Local political analyst Joe Heim said Friday it’s unusual for school board candidates to get this kind of financial support because it’s a local, non-partisan race.

“In the past, you voted for the person to make good decisions for you, not about a party position. What this seems to reflect is seeping partisan issues into school boards,” Heim said.

Heim said he’s never seen school board campaigns receive this much funding, especially from political parties.

However, he explained that over the last three to four years issues like school vouchers, charter schools, unions, and more recently, SRO programs have become more partisan.

To view campaign finance reports, click here.