Police urge people to plan ahead for New Year’s

Plenty of people will be ringing in the new year this weekend and police want to make sure you’re planning ahead.

The La Crosse Police Department says there’s always added concern when New Year’s falls on a weekend, like it does this year. That’s because state law says bars don’t have to close on New Year’s Eve.

That means more people out drinking later into the night — and possibly making the mistake of getting behind the wheel.

Police want to remind everyone that a first offense drunk driving charge comes with an $861 fine, six points on your license and other added fees and penalties.

“Obviously, that’s very steep when you consider that a cab ride, (or) an Uber or a Lyft would be considerly (more) inexpensive than that,” said Sgt. Tom Walsh.

Sgt. Walsh also recommends staying with a group of people if you’re going out on New Year’s and agreeing on a location to meet up if you get separated at any point during the night.