Police step up patrol after 5 shootings in La Crosse this weekend

No arrests are made, but police say there is no danger to public

Police are stepping up patrol in parts of La Crosse after multiple shootings happened this weekend.

Five separate shootings took place this weekend in La Crosse. There were two shooting incidents on Friday, one on Saturday and two Sunday.

Two people, who police say are related, suffered non-life threatening injuries and have been released from the hospital.

No arrests have been made but police said there is no danger to the public. Because both of victims are related, police are looking into the possibility that the shootings are linked as well.

The city council member who represents the Washburn neighborhood and actually lives in it said she isn’t concerned.

“I chose to live here,” said Audrey Kader, La Crosse City Council member, District 11.

Kader has been representing the Washburn neighborhood since 1999.

“When I was moving I wanted to find a house in this neighborhood because it had been underrepresented for so long,” said Kader.

Kader said it’s the perfect location.

“We are convenient to medical centers, Viterbo, the YMCA and the library,” said Kader.

But this past weekend, it was also the location of five separate shootings.

“When people talk about shots being fired, there’s (an) ‘Oh the horror’ aspect of it, but I am more at risk out driving my car being hit on the highway really than I am being shot in my neighborhood,” said Kader.

However, she said work is still being done to improve the community.

“There are some areas of not very reputable landlords and they are allowing people to take over the area,” said Kader.

The city continues to make the Washburn neighborhood a priority when it comes to revitalization.

“We are actually ramping up efforts compared to years past with the housing program and things happening in the not so distant future,” said La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.

“We also are working to increase lighting as you probably know. Sixth St. got it last year, this year we are getting it on 7th Street and I think 5th Street is the next needed target,” said Kader.

Kabat said the city will continue to pour resources into the neighborhood, but he also said the city is taking the shootings seriously.

“That neighborhood, you know, there is so much positive we could be talking about every day it’s just a shame we have to talk about these shootings, but that’s the reality and we need to address it,” said Kabat.

Kabat said he has been in communication with the La Crosse Police Department and he is confident they are doing everything they can to get to find out what happened.

Anyone with information is asked to call the La Crosse Police Department at 608-785-5962.