Police remind drivers of unattended car ordinance in La Crosse

Police in La Crosse are warning drivers to follow the rules when warming their car this winter.

Drivers are not allowed to leave their car running unattended with the key in the ignition.

That goes for streets, alleys or any other public place.

But cars parked on private property or cars that have remote starters do not fall under the ordinance.

The hope is to remove an easy opportunity for criminals.

“Whether it is the remote start or if you’re just going to go out and sit in your vehicle for a while or have some way of securing it, because even if it’s on private property, it’s not safe there either. Someone could very easily come over and take your car if you do leave the keys in it,” said La Crosse Police officer Dustin Darling.

The fine for an unattended running car in La Crosse is $124.

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