Police recommend public meeting spots for Craigslist swaps

People encouraged to meet at City Hall to make transactions in public

Websites like Craigslist are popular option when looking for a bargain online, but they’re also a cause for concern for police.

Items bought or traded on Craigslist typically have to be picked up in person. That worries police, because usually it means meeting someone you don’t know.

Officer Lisa Barrix of the La Crosse Police Department says it isn’t a bad idea to look the other person up online before meeting them. She also warns against having the person come to your home to do business.

“If you’re actually to the point where you want to meet with this person, I would pick a public place,” said Officer Barrix. “There’s no reason you couldn’t, for instance in the city of La Crosse, come to the parking lot of City Hall. Meet the person in City Hall, meet somebody at the mall, somewhere where there’s a lot of people around.”

Police also recommend letting someone else know where you’re meeting or taking another person with you so you aren’t alone.