Police: Man messaged adolescent girl on Facebook for sex

Brandon Lomax arrested for sexual assault of a child

Black River Falls police arrested a 25-year-old man on Thursday night for sexual assault of a child.

Police are investigating the suspect for two different assaults that happened on the morning of February 24 in two different but close locations within the City of Black River Falls involving the same victim.

Police were contacted by a local medical facility about information concerning the adolescent girl that reported a sexual assault by an adult male. Two Black River Falls police officers attempted to locate and speak with the girl and her parents and found she lived north of the City.

Investigators were able to develop a suspect in the assault by reviewing Facebook. Black River Falls Police Chief Patrick LaBarbera said officers then waited on more information from the victim before going forward with an arrest. Police arrested Brandon Lomax without incident at his job Thursday night.

Initial reports indicate that Lomax had messaged an adolescent girl repeatedly on Facebook instant messaging asking that she come to Black River Falls for sex.

Chief LaBarbera said Lomax initially denied any sexual contact with the child, but admitted to Facebook messaging the child while she was at a friend’s house. Lomax told police he “never” touched the child, but just offered her “compliments.”

Chief LaBarbera said Lomax later admitted to police he had oral sex with the child but placed blame on the child for the contact.

Lomax is being held in the Jackson County Jail with no bond on one count of sexual assault of a child, a felony, along with a charge of felony- bail jumping from a previous case Lomax has pending. He is expected to appear in Jackson County court on Monday.

Chief LaBarbera urged parents to monitor their child’s activities on social media, like Facebook.

“Establishing an open line of communication and trust goes a long way in preventing online incidents of adults preying on our youth,” Chief LaBarbera said.