Police: Injured dogs suffering from malnutrition found during investigation

2 face animal neglect charges after dogs found in Janesville home

Two people were arrested in Janesville for animal neglect Saturday as officers executed a search warrant.

Lucas Scott and Elizabeth Hartwig are facing charges for having two dogs in what police called deplorable conditions at a Janesville home.

The animal neglect conditions were found as police were investigating the couple over the weekend for a home invasion in Dane County.

Two pit bulls were living with no food or water, and were sitting in their own feces and urine, officials said. One was living in a cage outside the home and another was in the couple’s basement.

The dog that was living outside had to be put down, but the other one is being treated at the Dane County Humane Society.

“It’s heart-wrenching to see the injuries that these animals sustained because of neglect of an owner that wasn’t responsible enough to provide the adequate conditions for the dogs to live in,” Janesville police Sgt. Chad Pearson said.

Police believe the dogs had been living in the bad conditions for over two weeks.

Hartwig told police the dogs had been separated due to a previous fight.

Investigators said a third dog also died a few days before the arrest. Because of some of the dog’s injuries, officials said they are investigating the possibility of the dogs being used in a fighting ring.

Scott was also arrested on charges of possession and possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine.

Police: Injured dogs suffering from malnutrition found during investigation