Police give back to La Crosse woman in need

Police help La Crosse woman with window repair

Doris Burns is living proof age is just a number.

“I think I do pretty good for 91,” said Burns.

The secret she says, is staying active.

“I stay pretty close to home,” said Burns. “Get my exercise every week though.”

Her love for exercise is only dwarfed by her love for her family.
But a few months ago, Burns was awakened to a large bang in the front of her house.

“When I heard the first bang, it was so loud; I thought, did the front of the house fall off?”

She went to the front of the house to investigate.

“I pulled back the drape, to see how bad the wind was. I checked the neighbor’s tree, to see how much it was blowing, and here was this big hole in the window,” said Burns.

Someone had thrown an object at Burns’ window. A few weeks later, a similar event occurred. According to police, the incidents appear to be random.

“There wasn’t any appearance that she had been a target of something she may have done or said,” said Sgt. Craig Oleson of the La Crosse police. “It was just a random act of violence.”

The only evidence was the stones left behind.

“Looking at her age, people don’t deserve this,” said Oleson. “What did she ever do?”

The cost to replace the window was around $800-$900, and with an insurance deductible well above that cost, Burns was forced to pay out of pocket.
So to help Doris out, Oleson asked the police unions and other staff for some help.

“We put out a box in our break room, and just by word of mouth, Officers and staff members, or whoever has access to our break room, they were putting money in it,” said Oleson.

The result was nothing short of inspiring.

“Within two weeks, we came up with $870, which I didn’t think was going to happen in that short of time,” said Oleson.

Oleson also received a discount for the replacement window, and used the rest of the money for a grocery gift card. On the day before Christmas Eve, Sgt. Oleson delivered a special card to Burns. The card left Burns in shock.

“I’m still reading the card, because I can’t believe they were so nice to this little old lady,” said Burns.

“It took a little while for it to sink in, by the time we left, it was finally hitting her. She was stunned,” said Oleson.

Police said they were simply doing their job,

“When you look at somebody who has been in this community probably her whole life, raised a family, for what she does in the community, it’s the right thing to do,” said Oleson.

But Burns is just thankful for those in uniform.

“I just think they’re looking after this old lady pretty good,” said Burns.

Even after the incident, Burns said she still loves La Crosse, and said she wouldn’t live anywhere else.