Pocket Neighborhood plans unveiled

10 houses and a green space will occupy naval reserve center site

La Crosse unveils it’s final plans for a neighborhood development on the city’s south side.

The concept design is called a pocket neighborhood. It will be a group of houses set back from the street with green space in the middle, making a small community within the city.

The city hopes to build the neighborhood on the old Naval Reserve site on Green Bay street. They unveiled the plans Monday and asked for more public input.

The plans call for ten houses and limited parking for the neighborhood’s residents. The green space with run through the middle and would be open to everyone.

The city’s Director of Planning says he’s excited to move forward with the project. “We’ve already heard from a half a dozen people who say they would move here if there was a house, if a development happens they like the concept so I think if we can find a developer who share the excitement and interest in the community, that would be great,” said Planning Director Larry Kirch.

Now that the city has the designs they are looking for a developer. The city’s Housing Rehabilitation Review Board is leading the way on that search, in fact they’ve already started the process.

The city has tried to find a developer for the site in the past and failed, but they are optimistic with the new pocket neighborhood concept they will have better luck.

The Navy left the Reserve Center vacant in 2007 and the building was demolished in 2008. Since then the city has been trying to decide what to do with the land.