Plow drivers prepare for long night

Priority is keeping main roads clear down to the pavement

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) Snow is falling, setting up a slow and messy evening commute. Plow drivers are expecting a long night.

Once the plows in the Village of Holmen start, they  typically keep clearing streets until the storm is over.  According to Director of public works, Pete Mezera, their priority is keeping high traffic areas clear down to the pavement.  “Traffic safety is our main focus. Once people are out on the streets we have to make sure they are safe. Coming in and out of neighborhoods you’re usually going slower, so it’s not as dangerous. Once you start to hit main streets like Holmen Drive where traffic is intense or faster we make sure things are in good condition.”

The Village crew of 8 is responsible for maintaining close to 40 miles of roads. County and state plows will pick up highways.  Other drivers can help too, by giving the plows room to work and by following alternate side parking rules.  “That is a major point of contention with us. We get out there and we have to go around a car. Then we’re called back the next day because there us a snow pile in the street. That’s because we had to go around a parked car.”, says Mezera.

Mezera is also asking homeowners to keep their trash bins and basketball hoops out of the road. He says they can be just as hard to work around as vehicles. And; for everyone’s safety, slow down.