Plein air painting festival returning to La Crosse

'Between the Bluffs' Plein Air Painting Festival runs September 10th-24th

A two-week painting festival hopes to capture the beauty of our area while also sparking an interest in the arts.

The fourth annual ‘Between the Bluffs’ Plein Air Painting Festival begins on Saturday. Aspiring painters can meet at designated locations and paint the landscape using the ‘plein air’ painting style.

Those who participate in the painting will be eligible for prize money and can sell their work at the exhibition at the end of the festival.

Organizer Mike Martino says the event is a chance for people to explore their interest in art in a non-intimidating way.

“We’re putting the artists together with the community and making that connection, that doesn’t always happen,” said Martino. “A lot of times people maybe don’t feel as comfortable going into a gallery or going to a big art show or something like that, but this is very approachable art.”

The Festival-ending Exhibition and Sale will take place on Saturday, September 24th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

For a list of dates and locations for the painting festival, you can go to their website.