Plein Air Art Festival takes place in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- The Plein Air Art Festival took place at the Studio Gallery in La Crosse.

Last weekend local artists were up on Grandad Bluff for a two-hour quick paint.

Today they put their art on display for all of the community to come to see.

Art that was created in downtown La Crosse during a quick paint event was also on display.

Event organizers encouraged the public to meet the artists and learn more about their work.

“The Plein Air Show is a show of paintings that have been created in the last two weeks here in La Crosse. Using the Plein Air method, painting from light. We have a lot of award-winning artists here and it’s probably a higher level show than we’ve ever had,” said Plein Air Festival Committee Member, Ellen Kallies.

The art wasn’t on display just for show. Community members were also able to come in and buy some of the art to support the artists.

The Plein Air Art Festival is still open from noon to 3 p.m. tomorrow at the Studio Gallery on Market Street.