Plea deal for man accused of hiding body after La Crosse drug overdose

LA CROSSE, Wis. — A La Crosse man accused of helping several others hide the body of a man who had died from a drug overdose pleads guilty to reduced charges.

59-year-old Patrick Valiquette faces a maximum of five years in prison for the new charge of party to the crime of hiding a corpse.

Valiquette, Cain Moss and Robert Moss were charged with dumping 40-year-old Anthony Ducharme’s body in August 2011 in Red Cloud Park.

Cain Moss and Christina Lorenz also face reckless homicide charges for giving Ducharme a Fentanyl patch, a narcotic painkiller. Ducharme was found dead a short time later.

Cain Moss and Lorenz are scheduled to appear in court in March. Robert Moss is scheduled to stand trial in late March.