‘Play It Forward’ kids show off new musical talent

Benefit collects used instruments for area kids

A unique benefit in our area collected something a little more meaningful than money, and on Wednesday night they showed it off.

The ‘Play It Forward La Crosse’ program collected donated instruments starting February of last year, and they’ve been putting them to good use since.

Local musicians teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club to teach kids how to play some of the collected instruments, and a concert was held Wednesday night, showcasing the children’s new-found musical abilities.

One instructor says the program does more than just teach music to students.

“These kids come in and completely energize us and by the end of it we’re just rocking out. It’s a lot of fun to see the excitement in their eyes with these instructors and musicians sharing their passions, and it’s just hard to put into words how special this program is,” said Boys and Girls Club Guitar Academy Program Instructor Andrew Hughes.

Each learning session is 8 weeks long, with the most advanced students currently in their third session.