Pink Heals tour makes stop in Winona

A national tour helping bring smiles and comfort to people with cancer and other diseases makes a stop in our area.

The Pink Heals tour of pink fire trucks and emergency vehicles pulled into Winona this afternoon.

The organization travels the country with the message of giving support to women who are going through any type of ailment, and encouraging local fundraising efforts that keep money local.

“People can think of us as a pink fire department,” said driver Justin Cook. “We’re driving love and support from the local community right to your front doorstep. We’re going to give you a hug and tell you we love you. The color pink, it’s not about breast cancer, it’s about the women in our lives, they’re our matriarchs, the most important thing to us.”

The tour also made a stop in Trempealeau over the weekend. Their next stop will be in Rochester.