Photos: Fort McCoy shares dining facility pics after report from refugee

FORT McCOY (WKBT) — Task Force McCoy released photos Tuesday of Fort McCoy’s dining facilities following News 8 Now’s report from a refugee who said Afghans weren’t getting enough to eat.

The refugee, A.J., shared photos with News 8 Now of his meals last week, including one meal which was a handful of watermelon pieces and scoop of cottage cheese. News 8 Now is not showing his face or using his real name because he fears the Taliban may hurt his family.  

Mccoy Meal

We shared the pictures and A.J.’s story with Fort McCoy.  A spokesman told News 8 Now there was a supply chain issue, but the problems were resolved over the last 96 hours. 

Task Force McCoy sent out a full statement Tuesday morning.

“The health, safety and welfare of all Afghan guests at Ft. McCoy is a top priority for those who are supporting Operation Allies Welcome. The Afghan personnel at Ft. McCoy are receiving housing, medical assistance and culturally appropriate food. The Afghan guests are offered three hot meals per day at assigned dining facilities with options including a protein, carbohydrate option, fruits, vegetables and beverages. Further, Task Force McCoy leaders routinely visit each of the dining facilities to assess conditions and get feedback from the Afghans who dine there. The interagency team at Ft. McCoy continues making improvements and has routinely adapted food options to meet the preferences of the Afghan evacuees, including having 24/7 “grab and go” options available. The task force remains in open dialogue with the Afghan guests.”
They also shared photos of their own, taken Monday at Fort McCoy.
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