Photo shows man filling plastic buckets with gasoline

It has been a stressful week in Florida as residents have frantically prepared for Hurricane Dorian, and it appears that it has impaired one man’s judgment.

A pictured shared Friday by the Highlands County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office on their Facebook page shows a man filling up at a gas station.

However, he wasn’t putting the fuel into the gas tank of his vehicle or a gas can. He was filling up seven or eight plastic buckets and placing them in the back of his vehicle.

In the Facebook post, the sheriff’s office said they don’t know when and where the picture was taken, “but if there ever was a picture that should be titled “BAD IDEA” this is it. Don’t be this person.”

Given the myriad of dangers with this fuel-storing method, it’s unclear if the man was able to safely make it home.

The sheriff’s office concluded their Facebook post saying, “We know everyone is anxious and trying to stock up on gas, but come on! This is dangerous and it’s illegal.”

Please be safe while making your storm preparations and put gas in your fuel tank — where it belongs.