Permanent drug drop off boxes to be located in La Crosse

La Crosse County’s Heroin Task Force is giving the public a permanent place to drop off unwanted prescription drugs.                        

The task force announced Thursday that permanent drop off boxes will be at the La Crosse police station and the county sheriff’s department.

The task force also got verbal commitments from Holmen, Onalaska, and West Salem police stations to place permanent drop boxes at their buildings.  

Task force members say the decision to add more boxes does come at a price. “They’re about $800 a piece, just for the boxes themselves, and then it’s the disposal costs, and the cost of housing and transporting those are the cost that are really going to be taken a look at and how we deal with those,” said the task force’s co-chair Keith Lease.

Members of the task force say they will continue to have drug drop-off events throughout the year.