Pearl Street Brewery’s “Who Gives A Fest” bringing live music back to La Crosse

How to purchase your tickets, support local businesses, and enjoy live music

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A music festival in La Crosse is giving local artists the chance to showcase their talent while raising money for a good cause.

Who Gives a Fest *cue chuckles* is a SAFE music festival coming to the Pearl Street Brewery parking lot September 11-12. A dozen local and regional bands are set to perform. (see line-up below)

To maintain social distancing, concert-goers have the option to purchase a VIP pod site or car spot, each are spaced 15 feet apart.

“A VIP pod will be six people, closer up to the stage, bring your own chair, blanket, whatever your want,” said Promoter for Who Gives A Fest, James Heiderscheit. “Or you can purchase a car (spot) which is four people to a car. You don’t have to stay in your car. You’re welcome to bring your chairs, sit on the hood, sit on the tailgate, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy some live music.”

Other precautions include a no contact check-in, sanitizing stations, and a limited number of tickets.

Organizers say the event is also a chance to fill the void of live music in La Crosse created by the pandemic.

“The world needs some positivity right now, and I think they need live music. People want to see live music,” said Heiderscheit. “Streaming events are great. It helps keep artists busy. But there’s something different about being able to come to a show and see bands in person.”

Proceeds from ticket sales go to various non profits including the La Crosse Area Bar and Restaruant Relief Fund. Funds will also be shared with Punk Rock Saves Lives – a humanitarian organization with a focus on Human Rights, Equal Rights, Health Concerns, and more.

Friday Line-Up
Coyote Kid
Gregg Hall & The Wrecking Ball
Old Soul Society
Knee High July

Saturday Line-Up
The Homeland Conspiracy
Midwest Voltage
The Worst
The Deathless Dogs

The full list of rules, regulations, and admission prices for Who Gives A Fest is available at the Pearl Street Brewery website and app.