Pay station arms return to La Crosse parking ramps

Gates reinstalled after being removed in February

Gates are back on La Crosse’s parking ramps for the first time in five months.

The arms at the pay stations for the Main Street, Market Square and La Crosse Center ramps returned Monday. They were removed in February after multiple incidents of vandalism forced the city to re-evaluate the paid parking system.

Since then, the city has hired a parking utility coordinator, increased the amount of police rounds in the ramps and added a security team to work overnight.

City employees will also be in the ramps this week to make sure the machines are working properly after being reinstalled.

“So far the ticket dispensers are doing a good job,” said Parking Utility Coordinator Jim Flottmeyer. “When you put the system back into place, it’s kind of starting new a little bit, you want to make sure it’s running the way it’s supposed to.”

With the gates re-installed, the first three hours of parking in the ramps will still be free. After that, parking will cost one dollar per hour with a maximum of six dollars. Parking will be free on weekends.