Parking proposal could bring ramp gates back early July

Fees to park in La Crosse’s downtown ramps could be returning soon.

A proposal from city parking utility coordinator Jim Flottmeyer would increase the parking ramp fees from 75 cents to $1 an hour between 6 a-m and 6 p-m.

Drivers still wouldn’t be charged for the first three hours they’re parked in the ramp.

Flottmeyer will make the proposal to the parking utility board at their meeting next week.   

Parking in the ramps has been free since February when vandalism of the pay station arms prompted the city to re-evaluate its parking plans.

Flottmeyer says the city will still be using the same pay system as before but with a zero-tolerance policy for vandalism.

“If the police department catches you breaking a gate, you’re going to jail. There’s not going to be any question about it, that you’re going to go to jail. So they’re going to take this very seriously,” says Flottmeyer.

If approved the pay station arms will be re-installed and the new fee structure would go into effect the week of July 11th.