‘Parents Who Host Lose the Most’ campaign kicks-off in La Crosse

With more proms and graduations in the coming weeks, a local campaign is raising awareness about the dangers of hosting underage drinkers.

The annual ‘Parents Who Host Lose the Most’ campaign kicked-off Thursday afternoon as a part of Alcohol Awareness Month.

The La Crosse Prevention Network puts up signs throughout the community to warn against hosting underage parties with alcohol. A La Crosse father who lost his son from alcohol and drug use helped kick off this year’s efforts by telling his story.

“They call them kids for a reason. We like to think of them as adults, but they’re still kids, they’re still developing, they’re still forming opinions. Physically they’re still maturing, psychologically they’re still maturing. Alcohol gets in the middle of all that,” said Bill Lenardson.

This is the 9th year of the annual ‘Parents Who Host Lose the Most’ campaign.