Parents stress importance of door alarms after toddler’s death

Two year old Raelyn Sheetz died of hypothermia over the weekend

A Tomah family continues to mourn the loss of their two year old daughter who died of hypothermia over the weekend.

The girl’s mother says two year old Raelyn Sheetz and her five year old step sister went outside to play in the middle of the night last week while their parents were sleeping. The five year old went back inside but the two year old wanted to stay outside.

Her mother found what she described as a cold, lifeless body on their porch when she went to start her fiancé’s car just before five the next morning.

“I don’t think she knows how to push the button to get in the screen. Some parents would expect their kids to get into something, or play with toys or not sleep, but you never think your child is going to be outside between 10:30 at night and 4:30 in the morning,” said Raelyn’s mother Courtney Mazur.

Raelyn was flown to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for treatment. She died at the hospital days later.

“She donated her kidneys to a 47 year old woman and her liver to a 66 year old woman,” said Mazur.

“The organ donation is something that’s been helping me; that basically she didn’t die without a purpose,” said Mazur’s fiancé Branden Cragle.

The couple is stressing the importance of getting door alarms so other parents can avoid the tragedy.

The family has set up a “go-fund-me” page to help with medical expenses.