Parents encouraged to talk with school nurses before start of school

Many kids are getting ready to head back to school next week and there are some things you can do now to make sure they’re prepared.

Parents are reminded to talk with their child’s school nurses before the year starts.
Doctors with Mayo Clinic Health System say communicating to school nurses is vital to keep kids healthy.

If a health concern happens at school, a school nurse will often be the first trained person to help.

Knowing about previous health concerns can stop minor issues from becoming major ones.

“If a child has an issue, maybe gets light-headed or passes out at school, if the nurse did not know that they had diabetes they may not know to check the blood sugar, that just giving them some sugar, could help them out for a low blood sugar or something like that,” said Dr. Zachary April of Mayo Clinic Health System.

Parents should also make sure their child’s school is aware of any medications a student may need and when they need to be taken.

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