Parents “burning out” due to stay-at-home orders

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The coronavirus is raising a lot of questions for parents, like what does it mean to work from home while parenting young children?

La Crosse, Wis. (WKBT) – As kids learn and play from home, there have been higher rates of “burnout” among parents.

With teachers, grandparents, and daycare, parents normally have some support so they can take care of their kids and still function normally.

Now that parents have extra childcare to deal with, on top of losing their jobs or seeing *more* work due to being in an essential business, stress levels are higher than ever.

According to Mayo Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Brumm, structure is important to keeping everything running and making sure parents don’t burn out.

Dr. Brumm says, “Trying to have shifts or a schedule has been really helpful for a lot of families, just a written schedule. Especially for school age kids, they really like to have structure to the day, so getting up for the same time that you normally do for school, having the same routine of getting dressed like you normally do, eating breakfast, having a dedicated area where kids can work.”

Another good idea is to have a reward system in place for kids. Dr. Brumm suggested things like playtime or a call with grandma after getting school work done can help give kids a sense of normalcy.