Pandemic won’t stop area golfer from 30 straight years of competition

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–Rain or shine, the La Crosse County Amateur Tournament has brought the area’s best to nearby courses for 30 years.

“No matter where we go, people are going ‘you having the county am this year?'” said Tournament Organizer Bob Lamb.

But COVID-19 threatened to leave local fairways empty.

“Then there’s more and more things being cancelled and we thought we better have a board meeting to see if we want to go forward,” recalled Lamb.

The board agreed to keep the tradition alive with some limitations to keep golfers safe.

“We don’t know if this is going to be the new normal, but it’s the way things are going to be this year,” said Lamb.

And if the course is open, you can bet one man will be there, because Marv Davis hasn’t missed a county am in his life.

Davis has teed off at the county am for 30 years, and his game has changed as he’s aged.

“The young kids you can’t keep up with the distance y’know? They’re gorillas!” Davis said when comparing his power to younger golfers.

To make up for less powerful drives Marv works on his short game, because his body is playing the long game.

“It’s very important to avoid injury. Stretch, hit some light weights,” the 80 year-old golfer said.

His game has changed with time but his mindset hasn’t.

“When you’re at an event like that, you have competitive juices and just because you get out of school or get old that doesn’t go away.”

So he’s training for year 30, but his game is a bit rusty.

“The age entry requirement is 50, but I’m 80. There are guys 30 years under. Well they’re guys that are 50 but they look like they’re 25. And they hit the ball like that,” joked Marv.

But in his years on these greens, golf has taught him a few lessons that may give him an edge.

“All you can do is hit the ball, or putt the ball and what happens after that is kind of out of your control. That’s the way life is. You can’t control what goes on in life.”

So don’t overlook Marv in this year’s tournament.

“As long as I can play pain free I will. I always want to win. Always.”

Because if Age isn’t stopping him, the weather, or a pandemic won’t either.