Paint, fix-up grants available to help La Crosse homeowners

Applicants can get up to $800 for home improvement

Paint and fix-up grants are available to help La Crosse residents improve their homes.

Homeowners who apply can get up to $800 for some home improvement projects. In total, there’s $50,000 to use.

This year there’s no limit for how much of that money can be used for paint or how much can be used for fix-ups. City leaders say this is sparking the neighborhood revitalization they were hoping for.

“Easily this money has leveraged part of larger projects,” said La Crosse Senior Planer Tim Acklin. “And the idea then, too, is that if other people see them working on their houses, they’ll go out and work on their houses and there’s this domino effect, it just spreads. And I think we’ve seen that.”

The money is given out on a first come first serve basis.