Packers visit Fort McCoy to speak with Challenge Academy Cadets

FORT MCCOY, Wis. (WKBT) — Aaron Jones, Romeo Doubs, and 5 other packers flew in on BlackHawk Helicopters just to spend a few hours with kids in the Challenge Academy program.

The Challenge Academy is a quasi-military alternative education program for students behind in high school and helps kids turn their life around.

When the players got off the bus, the Cadets kept their composure, but once they all sat down for lunch and started talking, the impact was being made.

After lunch, the Cadets took the Packers on tour to show them more of what academy life is like where they continued to share stories and talk about life.

It was just a few short hours, but it was an experience that will always stick with the Cadets.

“It was pretty huge, all my friends were like oh my gosh you get to talk with the packers, it was nice to actually be the one with the packers and talk and relate with them,” said Challenge Academy Cadet, Kashaad Gipson.

“I let them know that hey there’s a lot of life left from here, and it’s all about how you respond and making the most of it, talking with these kids, they’re happy to be here and they see it as a blessing,” said Packers running back, Aaron Jones.

This was the first time the Packers visited the academy since before COVID-19.