Packers OC Stenavich impressed early by rookie WR Watson

Less than a week remains before organized team activities, or OTAs, kick off for the Packers.

OTAs are voluntary workouts, so veterans like Aaron Rodgers may choose not to attend, but the rookies and coaching staff sure will.

OTAs arguably can be just as beneficial this offseason for some Packer assistant coaches who earned promotions, like Adam Stenavich. The Marshfield native spent the last few seasons just overseeing the offensive line, but now as the offensive coordinator, he’s got more groups to check out, especially young wide receivers like second-rounder Christian Watson.

“Steno” says the former NDSU Bison has handled himself the right way with a willingness to learn–and there’s a lot to learn.

“He’s a big guy. He can move. He’s going to be a problem once he figures things out,” Stenavich said of Watson. “It’s just stuff that takes time, takes reps, and takes guys messing up and learning the hard way. There’s really no easy way to do it. That’s just all stuff he’s going to have to work out as he progresses, and I’m excited about that.”

The Packers first day of voluntary OTAs will start next Monday, May 23.