Packers LT Bakhtiari lauds team for having ‘uncomfortable conversations’

Sees team taking big leap in 2020

Left tackle David Bakhtiari offered some more insight Tuesday into the Packers’ offseason and their efforts relating to social justice across the country.

The All-Pro lineman first commended the Packers’ organization for allowing the players to have the discussions they’re having internally, and to put football second at this time.

“I think the best thing we’ve done as an organization and team is have the uncomfortable conversations and the ability to just listen and hear different viewpoints to help broaden your own perspective,” Bakhtiari said.

As for the team’s development in year two of the Matt LaFleur era, Bakhtiari expects the team to take a big leap. Using himself as an example, he says last year was all about understanding his role per play, but after a full season in the new system, he knows how to do even more.

“Now I can really take on more of what is the entire concept of the play, what is Aaron thinking, how are the adjustments for the center in his declaration to ID fronts. I can take on more of that responsibility so the game can slow down even further, and therefore I can be more knowledgeable and effective.”

As he enters the final year of his current contract with Green Bay, Bakhtiari has to adjust to the loss of right tackle and longtime teammate Bryan Bulaga. Bakhtiari says he was Bulaga’s number two guy and would back him on everything, but now with Bulaga in L.A., Bakhtiari sees a new dynamic.

“I guess I get to do more of what I want–no one can tell me what to do,” he laughed. “I think I’ll keep how I’ve always–my way of how I’ve led. I don’t think there is one right way or wrong way. I think the best way to lead is through your own personality.”

Bakhtiari didn’t offer any details on a potential contract extension with the Packers, saying he’s just focused on playing good football.