Packers exploring ways to improve red zone efficiency

Since that pretty rough loss to the Saints, the Packers are clearly feeling better these days about their play on their field. Four straight wins is not too shabby, after all.
But Coach Matt LaFleur always talks about his team having areas to improve upon, and one of those seems to be red zone offensive efficiency.

The Packers set a pretty high bar in the red zone, or gold zone, as the team liked to call it last season. They scored a touchdown 80 percent of the times they got inside the 20, which led the NFL.
This year that mark is down to just 55 percent, and it’s a subject the players have been discussing at length with LaFleur.

“I think we can keep being more aggressive in those areas,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said, “and being aggressive doesn’t mean throw the ball more, it just means we have a ton of scheme down there–let’s keep rolling it off the sheet.”

“We’re doing the same kind of things down there,” said Davante Adams, “and I feel like if we make it simple but switch up some of the things we’re doing pass game-wise, getting a few more isolated routes, stuff like that. Those are the things I scored on more last year. It’s something I’ve talked to Matt about. We’ve all been conversing about the ways we can get better in the red zone and get back to where we made our identity last year.”

The Packers visit the Bears this Sunday.