Packers’ Cobb talks pay cut, developing young receivers ahead of Draft

Let’s say you met a current Packers receiver in line at your local coffee shop. After the customary “Hey, man, big fan, love watching you on Sundays,” what would be that first question?

Perhaps, “How you guys doing without Davante Adams?” Well, Green Bay media asked Randall Cobb Wednesday morning how he’s doing with Adams gone, and Cobb–without missing a beat–said, “He’s still alive. You know that, right?”

Cobb says he’s happy for Adams to be in a place he wants to be, and he hopes fans can just thank Adams for the eight years he gave the franchise.

Cobb also knows leaving a franchise you came to love can be hard, and it’s partly why he decided to take the $5 million pay cut to stay in Green Bay this season.

“I’ve moved five times in the past four years,” said Cobb. “I got kids now. Anybody who travels withy kids knows it’s not as easy to move around with kids three and under. I want to have a little stability for my kids.”

Cobb is the undisputed leader for what is now a young receiver group on the Packers. Allen Lazard and Sammy Watkins have league experience, but others like second-year man Amari Rodgers will be expected to make bigger leaps on the field. Rodgers, a  third-round pick in last year’s NFL Draft out of Clemson, caught just four passes his rookie season and struggled fielding punts on special teams. But Cobb says even if young wideouts like Rodgers struggle early in their careers, it doesn’t mean they can’t improve.

“For anybody to think that you can just walk into a place and become great–it’s a process, it’s a process,” Cobb said. “And if you want to talk about Tae [Davante Adams], there was a lot of people sitting in this room who wanted Tae cut, who were talking about how Tae was going to be cut, if you all remember that. So just give it time.”