Packer fans rally in Seattle ahead of Sunday game

Packer fans see a trip to the Super Bowl in the future

In preparation for the NFC Championship game on Sunday, Packer fans were out in full force in Seattle on Saturday.

Fans are ready to show the 12 th man what they are made of here in Wisconsin.

This is what it looked like outside on Saturday, as hundreds waited to hear from team CEO Mark Murphy and former players, including Packer legend Willie Davis.

The crowd went crazy when Davis said he “has a good feeling” about the game on Sunday.

Here’s what some of those cheeseheads had to say.

 “This is pretty tame for us.  We usually, on gameday, it’s going to be rockin’.  It’s going to be crazy,” said Cyndi Appelhof.

“We’re going to show them what loud really is.  We are absolutely going to blow the roof off of this place tomorrow,” said Joe McArthur and Michael Lafontaine.

“I want them to come out strong.  I want them to do the best football they can, and may the best team win.  The team that wants it will take it,” said Adena Hanson.

The fans gave some interesting predictions for the Sunday afternoons game. Most of them were close but all of them thought the Pack would be Super Bowl Bound.