Overnight wind chills bring cooler temperatures

Taking a look out of CityCam 8 time lapse, it was pretty cloudy today, we did get some peeks of sunshine mid-afternoon though! And we were treated to a gorgeous sunset, which we really needed after such a long cloudy streak!

Citycam 1 Time Lapse

Today’s high 28 and low 23. The low is abnormally high for this time of year. So far, this winter has actually tied with two other previous winters for being the 13th warmest on record.

2020 Skytracker And Temps

Taking a look at Skytracker, we will continue to see cloudy skies into tomorrow, potentially some cloud breakup in the afternoon but not too much.
Zooming in, our southern communities will see the first specs of precipitation around 5 am. It looks to be more south but it could make it’s way closer to La Crosse.

2020 Dma Wind Chills

Temperatures across the region in the low 20s, but overnight could drop to teens and single digits due to wind chill.

The week ahead is breezy and cold Potential for snow comes at the end of the week. If you still haven’t put your shovel away just quite yet, it looks like that Sunday disturbance could bring us some snow. So maybe put it in the garage by the door for easy access!