Organic Valley looks to move to 100% renewable power, pass on energy savings

A large farming cooperative known for being environmentally-friendly is looking to take their efforts to a new level.

Organic Valley is joining a partnership with a solar developer and Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group to help them get to their goal of using 100-percent renewable energy.

The company will be adding 12 acres of solar panels on their campus, with even more being added to other locations in the future.

In all, almost 30 megawatts of electricity will be generated by the panels.

That’s four times as much electricity as Organic Valley needs to power all of its facilities, so they plan on selling the extra electricity back to the utility company at a reduced rate, with savings being passed on to power customers.

“Our farmers are in these communities, our employees are in these communities, and we’re in these communities,” said Organic Valley’s Jonathan Reinbold. “We feel like it’s our role to try and lead.”

Organic Valley plans to be 100-percent renewable-powered by the end of 2019.